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April 6, 2009

Refinance Auto Loan

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March 6, 2009

How will paying for a car loan on a repo car affect my credit score?

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MissJessica asked:

My husband and I signed a $20,000 loan on a truck. The payments were behind and the car was in a wreck. The truck was repossessed and the loan company says we still owe $8000. The loan company offered a settlement of $2800 if we pay by the end of the month. Does this sound right to anyone?
How would it really affect my credit if I pay off the loan now?

February 22, 2009

How can you go about getting a personal loan from a bank? What collateral do you usually need?

personal loan
Mike D! asked:

I will probably need to replace my car soon, but I don’t know that I want a traditional car loan because it would require having more insurance, and thus be rather expensive for me. (It’d be about double for me, as I don’t have a spotless driving record). I was wondering if instead I could get a personal loan from the bank, say in the neighborhood of $3-5K and use that for a car thus saving me a bunch of money by not needing collision coverage if I could pay for the car in cash.

Now the questions … is this possible, or is there usually some stipulation that you can’t use a personal loan for a car? What sort of collateral do you usually need for a personal loan? If you have good credit, can you get one w/out collateral? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

December 1, 2008

Taking Cash Against Car Title – Your Useful Guidebook

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During the times of economic crisis and problems one should be very wise about any types of loans.

This article will be devoted to some of the very important issues of the loans and it is highly advisable that you take these into account when choosing a loan.

The process for taking cash against car title is easy and quite fast.

In this regard, the new car loan calculator is quite useful. It’ll help you to calculate how much exactly you can borrow and what the corresponding auto loan interest rate will be. Also, if you are 18 years old or above, with a permanent residential address and if you own a totally paid off car in good condition, then you can easily find an online car title loan cash provider for your fast cash needs. All you need is to fill out a simple online application form submitting some basic info like name, contact details, employment and income details, etc. The process of car loan application is very simple. Just open the site of the company or agency from where you are taking the car loan.

Go to the area which has the form for the online car loan application, then download the form and fill the requisite fields like the name and address of the loan seeker. The amount of loan that you want and the amount of deductible (down payment) you are willing to pay. You also have to give the term of the loan for which you want the loan. It is advisable to do some calculation of your own on this subject by the online loan rate calculator provided by each company and find out the tenure and loan installment most appropriate for you. If you have changed residence in the past two years, you also have to give the details of your previous address. Similarly, you have to give details of your previous employment if you have changed employment recently. Also, you have to give information of your current employment like the latest paycheck, your employer’s address, phone number or identification number.

If you have taken the guarantee of a co-signer then you need to give all information of the co-signer as well. The company or agency will give you a pre-approval before your loan is sanctioned, once these details are sent.

Repayment process cash against car title loan is similar to that of student car loans and other borrowings. In this case, the loan provider holds the car title certificate that you get back only upon the return of the loan amount along with interest. Being a short-term loan, it incurs a huge amount of interest. Although you can roll over into next month, if you are unable to repay on time. However, in such a case you may end up paying an excess of the actual amount. So try to make sure that you have a backup strategy for repaying the car title loan cash long before you start.

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